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A pair of sexy boots is probably the only ‘evergreen’ costume accessory. A pair of boots can transform a mild-natured woman into a sophisticated and confident personality. Although this footwear has become a fashion statement now, they were initially worn as protection against weather extremities, such as snow in winters and mud in summers and during the fall. It was also an essential accessory for horse riding. Accordingly, boots were made of various materials such as:

* Leather

* Rubber

* Canvas and other synthetic materials

Kinds of Sexy Boots
Sexy boots can be divided into two kinds according to their:

* Length

* Design

Length of boots – There are essentially three sizes in which boots are available:

* Ankle length – This size of boots is perfect for casual, non-flashy wear and can be sported with long pants or jeans as well as knee length skirts.

* Knee high or calf length – Women mostly prefer this kind of boots. These are functional, fashionable and comfortable. They draw attention to the legs and cover any flaw in the skin or shape. These boots can be sported with jeans, long, short or regular length skirts and dresses.

* Thigh high – This kind of boots command authority. Latex thigh high shoes are preferred to leather ones, since rubber makes for a softer and, therefore, more comfortable wear. These boots look good with shorts, mini skirts and dresses.

Design of boots – The design aspect of a pair of sexy boots would consist of the toe design of the footwear and the heels. The shape of the toe ranges from broad to pointed. Men’s footwear will have a broader front as compared to women’s shoes. However, heels have greater variety:

* Stiletto Heel – This kind of heels form a symbol of feminine power. They give the feel of being high above everyone else, add glamour to the costume and seductiveness to one’s gait by highlighting the natural curves of the leg. However, stilettos are not meant for flat-footed women.

* Platform Heel – These heels provide good support to the toes. This is recommended for those who sport 8 inch high heels. Without platforms to support the toe region, very high heels will prove extremely uncomfortable.

* Wedge Heel – These heels lend a cozy appeal and a cosmopolitan look to one’s outfit. Wedges can be worn without straining the feet.

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